Air conditions inventorinventor neo n2uvi 12.000 btu/h Mitsubishi12.000 btu/h Μanufacturers recommend for cooling: never below 25 degrees, and as a general rule the air conditioner setting should be 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature (for example, if the temperature outside is 38 degrees, set the AC at 28 degrees, if it is 34degrees, set

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Microwave SAMSUNGM633 Service Manualin English Tip: Use the 525W and the appropriate minutes you need  Espresso Maker AllieriKM-501R Weight 3,3 kg Model KM-501R Color Black Type Espresso Power (W) 1100 Display no Body housing plastic/inox Automatic turn off yes Pressure (bar) 15 Tank capacity (L) 1.25 Coffee grinder no Crema disc no Tip: Use the

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Hot Water

Please, Don’t waste water unlike other islands, Thassos has water recourses (still), but the spectacular increase in tourist traffic in recent years has significantly reduced the reserves. and this makes it imperative to protect the island from its waste. If you love the island, don’t waste its resources × Dismiss this alert. Hot Water In

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Web TV

Web TV The TV signal in our village is very weak: despite all our efforts in the past, you could only watch 2-3 Greek state channels without any problems. Although we are against watching TV on holidays, we adopted WEB TV so you can watch the channels you want in the language of your choiceYou

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