Air conditions

inventor neo n2uvi 12.000 btu/h

12.000 btu/h

Μanufacturers recommend for cooling:

  1. never below 25 degrees, and as a general rule the air conditioner setting should be 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature (for example, if the temperature outside is 38 degrees, set the AC at 28 degrees, if it is 34degrees, set at 25degrees)
  2. Use aircontition with all windows/doors closed: even if one window or door is open, the temperature is balanced with the corresponding outside temperature.

After the failure of an air conditioner last year, due to incorrect settings and handling,
an overload protection system was installed:
when a machine is overloaded, for damage protection reasons,
the device is automatically switched off and you can restart it in a minute

Most nights in the area there is a cool breeze and the temperature drops considerably in the evening. On such nights you can have a better temperature with open windows than you would have with aircontition.

But in case of a heatwave, use them in combination with the fans in the rooms and you will have a more pleasant sleep.  

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Use the remote to control the color and the intensity of the light well as the fan speed