balcony view on the back side


Our Parent’s House is available for rent from mid-April to mid-October: The minimum lease term is 4 nights.

Prices per night for 2023

Up to 4 visitors

Added visitors

The main cost per night (up to 4 visitors):

Our pricing policy:

  • From April to May and October till off season
  • 85€,

  • From 1 June till 14 July and September
  • 130€

  • From 15 July-31 August
  • 160€

Example prices

€ 85 / Night

4 guests
in May/October

(+15 per added guest)

€ 190 / Night

6 guests
in end of July

(+15 per added guest)

€ 160 / Night

6 guests
in end of June

(+15 per added guest)

€ 220 / Night

8 guests
in August

Additional charges for pets
(subject to conditions)

Pets are welcomed provided they are already vaccinated and given that they adhere to hygiene standards and their owners are aware of, accept and bear full responsibility for any potential dangers for their pets (due to the house’s location next to the street).

Pets hosted inside the house are subject to a single cleaning fee of €20. There is no fee for pets hosted in the yard.